iPad Pilot at FSU

“Devices like the iPad will reduce the number of textbooks needed by students and make other common academic necessities—PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, online components like Blackboard—available all in one place.” –Adam Peck,Think Magazine

Currently students are required to purchase and carry their text book to class with them daily. They also are expected to access and carry additional readings in both print and digital forms. In an effort to “Go Green” and provide a portable, relevant, and usable learning environment for all students to access their e-textook, an FSU professor is interested in investigating the usefulness of the Apple iPad in her upper division laboratory Biology classes.


Research shows that the iPad has many features that work together to enhance the student learning environment. These features include, but are not limited to, textbooks and primary literature reading on-line (with annotation), note taking, data recording, and application synergies.

Working with the Education Technology Office (ETO), a Person representative, and an Apple representative during the AY2011-2012 the FSU professor will measure the potential impact of the iPad on teaching and learning in support of the university goals to improve academic quality, green efforts, and enhance student engagement. When piloting the iPads, use case data will be gathered to determine the extent to which the adoption of this technology would engage students in learning and assist with a lower overall cost of textbooks when compared to the traditional purchasing of the hard copy text book. This data will be used to determine the extent to which this technology could assist with decreasing a student’s carbon footprint, thus assisting with the campus wide Green Initiative.